Travel Partner

Travel Partners can use Digi Trand to sell various travel based products and auxiliary services such as Rail services, Airline services, Hotels,Bus etc.

Best Fares :

This A new age solution to find the "best of the best" fare deals out there!


Brand new B2B fare distribution solution. A fully web based tool to automate the process of hunting fares with the "Best Deals".


There are many reasons to choose in order to sell multi products and auxiliary services.

Process Highlights:

Rail Service:

Digi Trand Multiservices is the authorized Rail Service provider, distributing the service in the B2B space. It enables its subscribers to provide the E-Ticket for Indian Railways to the end customers through a wide network.

Salient Features:

Flight Service:

Digi Trand provides full content to comparative airfare deals on all airlines. It also offers coupon fares & special fares with good margins for the travel partners.

Salient Features::

Bus Service:

With more than 1,00,000 bus routes spread across India and integration with over 1500+ bus operators, Digi Trand system provides a simpler & smarter platform to its travel partners. It provides a wide range of facilities, from choosing a pickup point to a preferred choice of seat.

Salient Features:

Hotel Service :

Digi Trand provides an efficient hotel reservation experience. Digi Trand has the widest range of hotels available. Compare rates from over 100,000 hotels from the widespread network to assure the best deal on hotel booking.

Salient Features: